Film & television

Our work spans scripted and non-scripted content of all budgets, from Oscar winning films to cutting edge comedy, internationally distributed dramas (factual and non-factual based), documentaries and investigative journalism including filming undercover and filming in hostile countries. Reviewed & Cleared also provides advice for live broadcasts, such as news and current affairs shows.

Film & TV services

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  • Pre-commission legal opinion
  • From commission to broadcast – your own ‘in-house lawyer’
  • Errors and Omissions reports
  • Drama package including script checks and viewing
  • True crime package including script/treatment check and viewing

  • Emergency services series

  • Factual entertainment
  • Studio attendance

  • Fair dealing advice
  • Bespoke training – online or in person
  • Neg checking See below
  • Title reports and opinions (negotiable) See below
  • Commercial compliance (negotiable) See below

Sports programming
‘Blue light’ programmes
True crime
Panel & chat shows
Quiz shows
Live & ‘as live’ records
Stand-up comedy
Consumer programmes
Reality television
News reporting
Undercover investigations
Investigative journalism
Factual drama
Clip shows
Factual entertainment
Children’s TV

Our specialist services include:

  • Advice on all legal issues affecting content e.g. privacy, defamation, contempt, confidentiality etc
  • Pre-commission legal consultations and opinions
  • Editorial protocols
  • Legal check of the scripts
  • Studio attendance
  • Direct access to a lawyer during production
  • Rough cut, fine cut and picture lock reviews
  • Guidance on clearance of intellectual property (locations, music, footage, images, art work, designs etc)
  • Fair dealing advice
  • Guidance on clearance of music and sound
  • Guidance on contributors
  • Advice on requests for journalistic material
  • Advice on reporting restrictions
  • Advice on access to materials
  • Bespoke training
  • Staff cover for in-house compliance teams (prod companies or broadcasters)

Our commercial compliance services include:

Product placement
Programme sponsorship

We provide ‘neg check’ reports on film and TV scripts and can also combine legal advice and neg checking to get you through to distribution or broadcast.

We identify potential conflicts including character names, business names, product names, organisation names, trademarked and copyrighted material and can work with you to provide cleared fictional names, brands and locations.

Our title report and opinion service is provided by an experienced UK qualified IP lawyer who will tell you whether the title you have selected for your project is likely to be safe to use. It includes:

  • A comprehensive entertainment search to identify any potentially problematic prior uses of the title you have selected for your project, in television, film, literature, plays, podcasts, music, etc., which may raise concerns of unregistered trade mark infringement.
  • A search for any existing registered trademarks (or applications for the same) in the territories you have flagged, which may raise registered trade mark infringement concerns.
  • A legal opinion, from a UK qualified IP lawyer, on the results of the title search, identifying any potential unregistered or registered trade mark infringement concerns, and advising on the risk level that each presents.

We can provide searches for the UK only, Europe or Global.