Audio & podcasts

We support everyone making spoken word content, from first time under-the-stairs podcasters to the major audiobook publishers, podcast platforms and radio stations.

Our work to date has included work in all genres, including dramas, comedy shows (both scripted and live), biographies, true crime, in-depth investigations, wellbeing, topical sports shows, ground-breaking documentaries, news programmes, panel shows and interviews.

Podcast & audio services

We tailor our support according to need – you may want lots of help from the development stage, through commission, production and post-production or just a review and sign-off on final scripts or content edit of the audio. You might need our help once, for a short series or for a run of production deal. Specialist services include:

  • Pre-commission legal consultations and opinions
  • Direct access to a lawyer during production
  • Advice on all legal issues affecting content privacy, defamation, contempt, confidentiality, copyright etc
  • Legal check of the scripts

  • Studio attendance
  • Review of rough and/or final edit
  • Bespoke training
  • Staff cover for in-house compliance teams (prod companies or broadcasters)

  • For dramas and fictional productions, our negative checking service